Friends of Mueller State Park

Who Are the Friends of Mueller State Park?

The "Friends of Mueller State Park" (FOMSP) is a non-profit 501c3 group that raises money to fund special projects and interpretive exhibits to enhance the experience of every visitor who enters the park. All members are volunteers and the FOMSP have no paid staff. All donations and grant money supports park projects.

The "Friends of Mueller" help to protect and preserve the natural resources of this wonderful wildlife habitat that includes elk, deer, mountain lions and a variety of small mammals plus many types of birds.

What is our Mission?

The mission of the Friends of Mueller State Park is to support and advocate for Mueller State Park (MSP). The Friends will work with Park staff and community partners to promote educational and recreational activities and assist with the effective management of the natural resources of MSP. We act independently to raise funds to support MSP projects, to serve as advocates for critical issues and to preserve the history and culture of Mueller State Park.

What have we done so far?Click Here.

Our Logo

The logo for the Friends of Mueller State Park is based on the original brand used by Mr. Mueller for his ranch, Quarter Circle M Ranch. Gene Pask not only came up with the idea to base the logo on the brand, he had an actual branding iron fabricated so that we could use it create decorative items using old wood found on the park.